Journal description

Eracle. Journal of Sport and Social Sciences is published once a year and aims to publish research articles, commentaries and reviews of the highest quality in keeping with the comprehensive scope of the journal. Eracle publishes original research on exercise, sport, physical culture and the body. Analyses from a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives are encouraged to stimulate further research, critical thinking and theory development on topics covering a broad spectrum from global professional sport to coaching, commercial training, fitness and recreational physical activity. The journal publishes a range of peer-reviewed research articles, research notes and book reviews. Eracle provides a forum for the wide-ranging and interdisciplinary study of sport, including the history, sociology and psychology of sport, sports medicine and health, sport and health education, and sport administration and management. Discussions in the journal range from broad conceptualizations of the fundamental logic of sport to highly localized readings of sporting practices in particular times and places. In addition to articles of a traditional scholarly nature, the journal also invites case studies that take the form of accounts of practice, including documentation of sport practices and exegeses that analyse the social implications of those practices.