Archeocommunity. Esperienze di ricerca interdisciplinari tra archeologia e scienze sociali

  • Carlo De Mitri Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


In the last decades in Italy there has been a new impetus to multidisciplinary approaches useful for reconstructing a past that often eludes scholars. In fact, various kinds of events and activities cannot be directly deduced from the material data recovered through archaeological excavations and field research. This paper is divided into two sections. At first, focusing on some illustrative issue, we define this intangible cultural heritage that cannot be analyzed by the historical and archaeological investigation, as there are difficulties in detecting it but, at the same time, various clues are detectable to ascertain their existence. For this reason, by carrying out a bibliographical review of what has been experienced in research in recent years and of the proposed theoretical approach as well as of the methodology used, it is observed how the disciplines derived from the social sciences can provide valuable help and constitute a useful methodological background to reconstruct historical phenomena of the past through the recovery of activities of a distant present (or near past). Finally, in the last part we analyze a project in progress which has its focus on weaving. This is a “Life Records” study carried out in a specific territorial context, where a diachronic reading of this activity will be provided from the Protohistory up to modern times, crossing archaeological, social and economic data.


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