Pancreatic Panniculitis: A Rare Manifestation of Acute Pancreatitis

  • Ronak Patel University of Alabama at Birmingham. Birmingham, AL, USA
  • Ali Safdar Khan University of Alabama at Birmingham. Birmingham, AL, USA
  • Sami Naveed University of Alabama at Birmingham. Birmingham, AL, USA
  • Jason Brazleton University of Alabama at Birmingham. Birmingham, AL, USA
  • Mel Wilcox University of Alabama at Birmingham. Birmingham, AL, USA
Keywords: Panniculitis, Nodular Nonsuppurative, Pancreatic Pseudocyst, Pancreatitis


Context Pancreatic panniculitis is a very rare complication associated with pancreatic disease and perhaps even a presage to pancreatic pathology. Case report We present a case of pancreatic panniculitis in a 61 year old patient who was treated for sudden onset of abdominal pain associated with nausea and vomiting secondary to acute pancreatitis of unknown etiology. He subsequently developed skin lesions consistent with pancreatic panniculitis which gradually improved after resolution of his acute condition and treatment with topical steroid cream. Conclusion We discuss and review the literature along with highlighting for the readers the important clinical and histopathologic features of acute pancreatitis associated pancreatic panniculitis.

Image: Initial dermatologic manifestation on lower extremities.


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Initial dermatologic manifestation on lower extremities
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