Loculated cystic lesion with watery clear fluid over retroperitoneum

Acinar Cell Cystadenoma of Retroperitoneum: A Case Report and the Literature Review

Ming-Zhang Song, Cheng-Hsi Su, Cheng-Hsiang Hsiao


Context Acinar cell cystadenoma of pancreas is a very rare pancreatic cystic lesion. It is also a benign lesion without malignant potential. Because it is normal tissue with abnormal figuration, acinar cell transformation is also named. Case report We reported a thirty-seven-year-old female noticed to have a cystic lesion closely in contact with the pancreatic tail by abdominal CT scan. After operation, the cystic lesion was analyzed and acinar cell cystadenoma arising from retroperitoneum was confirmed. Conclusion Literature review revealed only one case of retroperitoneal acinar cell cystadenoma was reported before and the pathogenesis is still unknown.

Image: Loculated cystic lesion with watery clear fluid over retroperitoneum.


Acinar Cells; Cystadenoma; Immunohistochemistry; Retroperitoneum

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6092/1590-8577/3002

NBN: http://nbn.depositolegale.it/urn%3Anbn%3Ait%3Aunina-14172

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