Gastro-duodenoscopy demonstrating a tumor at the ampulla of Vater

Carcinosarcoma of the Pancreas: How a Common Blood Disorder Can Hide an Extremely Rare Tumour

Anastasios Katsourakis, Christos Svoronos, Efthimios Chatzitheoklitos, Iosif Hadjis, Michael Alatsakis, Charalambos Mirelis, Apostolos Sovatzidis, George Noussios


Context Sarcomas represent a relatively rare malignancy. Primary sarcomas of the pancreas represent an extremely rare pathology. Case report We report a case of primary pancreatic carcinoma that presented with anaemia. The patient underwent a Kausch-Whipple operation, and, 16 months after the operation, the patient is disease free. Conclusion This unique case describes an extremely rare gastrointestinal tumour that was found during the patient's anaemia assessment.

Image: Gastro-duodenoscopy demonstrating a tumor at the ampulla of Vater.


Anemia; Carcinosarcoma; Pancreas

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