The war in the nest

  • Caterina Arcidiacono
  • Gabriella Ferrari Bravo


The article deals with the topic of domestic violence against women by describing the current state of affairs of the Italian social and cultural context as well as the dangerous influence of media and the actions of the welfare system. The need of disclosure and protection of the women victims of violence is also enlightened. A further aim of this contribution is to discuss some principles for the clinical and therapeutic listening and treatment directed to services and shelters since this form of violence is generally underestimated, silenced, and denied. It finally introduces some principles of institutional mediation and re-negotiation of emotional bonds that refer to the Neapolitan Centro per le Famiglie’s experience.


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Biografia dell'Autore

Gabriella Ferrari Bravo

Gabriella Ferrari Bravo is a psychotherapist who works for the local health authority of Naples Municipality. After she worked for the juvenile court she collaborated to an ONU project for ragged children living in the streets of Argentina and Uruguay. Since 2011 she has been heading the “Centro per le famiglie” (Family Centre), which was founded in 1996 by a partnership between the Council of the Council of Naples and the local health authority. With reference to this field of activity, she has been actively promoter of collaboration with the judicial arena, in particular with reference to legal separation, safeguard of children’s relational rights, and tackling domestic violence. She is a teaching assistant of Community Psychology at the University of Naples Federico II where she also worked as a university tutor with part-time contract.

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ArcidiaconoC., & Ferrari BravoG. (2015). The war in the nest. La Camera Blu. Rivista Di Studi Di Genere, (11).