Imposturas mediáticas. Memorias de dos casos de falsificación identitaria en la narrativa española contemporánea

  • Valeria Cavazzino Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”


This essay focuses on two examples of recent Spanish literature to explore how real events are turned into fiction. 

En nombre de Franco (2013) by Arcadi Espada and El impostor (2014) byJavier Cercas. Their common trait is a quest for historical truth requiring rehabilitation. This goal, however, is pursued very differently by the two writers, from both a purely critical and purely narrative viewpoint. Moving between literature and information, the border between these two domains being very frail, Cercas and Espada adhere, each in his own way, to a revisionistic trend that has been very active for more than a decade and is one of the distinctive traits.

The critical reading of these two works analyzes the border between “history” “event” “gender” and “theme” and confirm that harmony and adaptably nurture that trend of contemporary literature of which Cercas and Espada are prolific exponents.


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