«L’adattamento della razza umana ad un nuovo modo di esistenza». Note su The Good Society di Walter Lippmann

  • Alessandro Simoncini Università per stranieri di Perugia


During the Colloque Lippmann (1938), Louis Rougier considered The Good Society by Walter Lippmann as the book through which to rethink the theoretical foundation of the liberal doctrine. This paper aims to show the elitist conception of the people’s
government and the idea of the regulation of lives through the principle of
competition, both contained in the above-mentioned book. This kind of research is
particularly useful to broaden the genealogy of contemporary neoliberalism.


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Biografia dell'Autore

Alessandro Simoncini, Università per stranieri di Perugia

Alessandro Simoncini has a Ph.D. in History, Adjunct Professor of History of Mass Media and History of Political Thought at the University of Florence – Faculty of Political Science Cesare Alfieri. From 2011-2012 to 2017, he also taught History of Political Language at the University
for Foreigners of Perugia. He is currently working as high school professor of History and Philosophy in the Republic of San Marino.