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Smart Cities. Urban Planning for a Sustainable Future

The funds recently devoted by many international institutions, and above all by the European Union, to promote studies and researches on Smart City have placed at the core of current scientific debate, also in the field of planning and governance of urban and territorial development, the issue of complementarity between innovation and future of the city. It is urgent to re-shape urban development in the light of the role that information technology can play in the transition towards a more sustainable urban organization, supported by communities capable to review their lifestyles, in order to modify them. The debate on urban smartness is still far from shared conclusions. The prevailing approach – aimed at measuring urban smartness through six dimensions (economy, mobility, environment, people, living, governance) - struggles to develop a comprehensive vision, favoring sectoral approaches and initiatives (smart building, smart district, smart infrastructures, etc.), which scarcely contribute to the evolution of current models for a sustainable city as well as to the effective involvement of those using and living in the city.

This book series, divided into four sections (City and Energy, City and Climate Change, City and Sustainable Mobility, City and Governance) has the twofold objective to promote the discussion among scholars and practitioners that, in the national and international context, are engaged in disciplinary insights related to the Smart City and, meanwhile, to stimulate the scientific debate on the still outstanding issues in the governance of urban and territorial development, with particular reference to the challenges that cities have to deal with in the next future: from those related to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, up to those related to the management of the growing migration flows.

Peer review process: All books are double blind peer reviewed.


Città Metropolitane e Smart Governance. Iniziative di successo e nodi critici verso la Smart City

Rocco Papa, Carmela Gargiulo, Rosaria Battarra (Eds.)
July 25, 2016


La città leggera. Smart City e urbanistica attuativa

Giuseppe Mazzeo
November 2, 2016




Il Governo del Sistema Integrato Città-Trasporti-Energia

Rocco Papa, Gennaro Angiello, Gerardo Carpentieri
June 23, 2017






Environmental and territorial modelling for planning and design

Antonio Leone, Carmela Gargiulo (Editors)
December 20, 2018




Planning, Nature and Ecosystem Services

Carmela Gargiulo, Corrado Zoppi (Editors)
October 30, 2019




The smartness and competitiveness of the resilient city. Challenges and threats for 21st-century cities

Gerardo Carpentieri
November 10, 2020




Le ageing cities tra passato e futuro. Strategie, metodi e proposte per migliorare l’accessibilità degli anziani ai servizi urbani

Carmela Gargiulo, Gerardo Carpentieri, Federica Gaglione, Carmen Guida, Sabrina Sgambati, Floriana Zucaro
July 29, 2021




I rischi naturali del cambiamento climatico nelle città mediterraneo

Carmen Guida
July 30, 2021




Città e climate change. La vulnerabilità delle aree urbane alle isole di calore

Federica Gaglione
April 29, 2022




Smart city tra competitività urbana e vocazione turistica

Rosa Anna La Rocca
May 4, 2023