TeMA vol. 15 (2022) - Call for Papers


The climatic, social, economic and health phenomena that have increasingly affected our cities in recent years require the identification and implementation of adaptation actions aimed at improving the resilience of urban systems.

The challenge that the complexity of the phenomena in progress imposes on cities not only the adoption of mitigation measures aimed at reducing the effects of these phenomena; this challenge requires scholars, researchers, technicians and decision makers to rapidly commit to transforming cities into resilient and competitive urban systems.

With these premises, TeMA Journal wants to foster a debate within the international scientific community on the following topics:

  • definition of new interpretative paradigms that place at the center the unavoidable need to adapt urban systems to external agents;
  • definition of planning tools, methods and techniques aimed at promoting city adaptation interventions to foreseeable external agents;
  • the flexible city: antifragility, resilience and temporariness in post-pandemic urban scenarios;
  • the growing vulnerabilities (social, economic, spatial, etc.) and the necessary reduction of energy consumption require a new approach to the city that combines resilience and energy saving;
  • from recovery to regeneration: the reorganization of the city and its reconstruction between efficiency, quality and reduction of impacts.

Authors interested in submitting manuscripts addressing the issues may consider the following deadlines:

  • First issue: 10th January 2022;
  • Second issue: 10th April 2022;
  • Third issue: 10th September 2022.