TeMA vol. 16 (2023) - Call for Papers


The climatic, social, economic, health and resources changes, that are increasingly challenging our cities, require the identification and implementation of strategies to increase the liveability, competitiveness and sustainable performance of urban systems and adaptation actions aimed at improving their resilience. Humanity’s success in addressing such phenomena will be largely determined by what happens in cities. At the same time, the challenge that the complexity of the transformations and transitions in progress imposes on cities requires scholars, researchers, technicians and decision makers to rapidly commit to transforming cities into resilient, competitive urban systems and promoting sustainable communities. New technologies can support the innovation process towards multidisciplinary solutions to the above-mentioned challenges. For instance, big data, remote sensing offer unprecedented opportunities to know and interpret urban systems and their complexity. Thus, it is of primary importance to rethink the theories and methodologies underlying urban planning practice.

With these premises, TeMA Journal welcomes interdisciplinary work, with theoretical, methodological and empirical approaches concerning the following topics:

  • Accessibility to urban services and places;
  • Multidimensional resilience of cities to limit the impacts of climate change;
  • Transitions to renewable resources and energy saving in cities;
  • Definitions of planning tools, methods and techniques aimed at promoting city adaptation to current and foreseeable social, economic, innovation and energy transitions;
  • Requalification of urban environments;
  • Increasing urban competitiveness through sustainable and resilient solutions.

Authors interested in submitting manuscripts addressing the issues may consider the following deadlines:

  • First issue: 10th January 2023;
  • Second issue: 10th April 2023;
  • Third issue: 10th September 2023.

For submissions click here