TeMA Special Issue (2023) Urban inequalities


The unavoidable current and near-future challenges, which require defining strategies and actions that can effectively support the evolution of urban and territorial systems, also contribute to widening the historically existing inequalities between different countries and, at the same time, generate additional ones even within the same state or city. At the urban level, these disparities are due also to the diversity of access to services, infrastructure and urban places, as well as the origin from a specific territorial area (center vs. periphery) and could be furtherly accentuated by unforeseen and uncontrolled global pandemics. The reduction of socio-spatial inequalities constitutes the tenth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) “Reduce inequality within and among countries” within the United Nations 2030 Agenda, to ensure that adequate levels of quality of life for all populations are achieved. The pursuit of this goal requires rethinking and redesigning territories and cities through transformative actions and interventions predicted by urban and spatial planning tools too. In this perspective, TeMA Journal aims at fostering the international scientific debate by welcoming interdisciplinary works about the following three declinations of the topic of social inequalities:

− social inequalities and climate change How can adaptation to climate change help reduce social inequalities? To what extent do the effects of climate change contribute to widening inequalities in already fragile territories?

− social inequalities and urban accessibility How can urban mobility/accessibility contribute to reducing social inequalities by improving theuse of places and services?

− social inequalities and urban governance How to define new governance approaches and processes that can reduce social inequalities?

This TeMA Special Issue is oriented to collect papers aimed at answering to these questions by providing new approaches, methods, tools, techniques and innovative practices to support policy- makers in preventing and reducing socio-spatial inequalities.

Submission deadline

30th September 2023


Guest editor

Floriana Zucaro

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

E-mail: floriana.zucaro@unina.it

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