The interventions of the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan: sustainable development

Keywords: Governance, NextGenerationEU, Urban development


Starting from the relationship between urban planning and mobility management, TeMA has gradually
expanded the view of the covered topics, always following a rigorous scientific in-depth analysis. This section
of the Journal, Review Notes, is the expression of a continuous updating of emerging topics concerning
relationships among urban planning, mobility and environment, through a collection of short scientific
papers. The Review Notes are made of five parts. Each section examines a specific aspect of the broader
information storage within the main interests of TeMA Journal.
This section of the Review Notes deals with the new frontiers of urban development through the lenses of
the European program NextGenerationEU.
In particular, this contribution deals with the topic of sustainable development in urban environments,
analysing it in the frame of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The paper takes into account
the recent PNRR strategies, projects, and initiatives that intervene in multiple sectors - such as the
environment, energy, and infrastructures - to promote sustainable development. It provides an overview of
the proposed projects and interventions in different urban areas.


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Author Biography

Sabrina Sgambati, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

She is an engineer, Ph.D. student in Civil Systems Engineering at Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering of University of Naples Federico II. Currently, her Ph.D. research concerns the topic of urban competitiveness.


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