Mega Cities facing Covid-19 pandemic

How to use urban spaces in Teheran after the new pandemic

Keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic, Megacities, Urban Spaces, Physical distancing, Tehran


The first cases of COVID-19 occurred in the winter of 2020 in Wuhan-China. The distinctiveness of the new pandemic is that it has occurred in ‘20th century megacities, cities with a large population who use the city as their second home during the day to commute to work, socialize & etc. After the emergence of COVID-19 in February 2020 in Iran, and its capital city, Tehran, new restrictions and rules were put on the way citizens of Tehran were to use their city and its public spaces. These restrictions limit the use of these spaces to a great extent and it seems like these new limitations are here to stay for an unpredictable amount of time until a new medicine or vaccine is found. The main questions here are: How can the threat of this new pandemic in cities be reduced and controlled in the future ? And how can urban spaces be used from now on? In this paper, the new ways people are using the city in Tehran after arrival of the pandemic have been studied and suggestions for guaranteeing the safety of urban spaces from now on have been discussed.


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Author Biography

Elmira Shirgir, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

  Since joining the Iran University of Science and Technology, school of architecture and Environmental design's PhD program in 2016, I have been involved with studies related to urban green infrastructures and their effects on mitigating climate change effects in cities.Climate change and its effects on cities has been a major concern for for many years. Before joining this program at IUST, I have had many years of experience working as a senior Landscape Architect and environmental expert, at companies in Tehran, Iran and Sydney, Australia.I recieved a master's degree in Environmental design engineering from the University of Tehran in Iran in the year 2005.I also got a bachelors degree in Environmental engineering from the university of Tehran in 2002.


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