Accelerating sustainable urban transition: European climate action

Keywords: Urban sustainability transitions ;, Climate change;, European climate policy;, urban climate action


Starting from the relationship between urban planning and mobility management, TeMA has gradually expanded the view of the covered topics, always following a rigorous scientific in-depth analysis. This section of the Journal, Review Notes, is a continuous update about emerging topics concerning relationships among urban planning, mobility, and environment, thanks to a collection of short scientific papers written by young researchers. The Review Notes are made up of five parts. Each section examines a specific aspect of the broader information storage within the main interests of the TeMA Journal. In particular: the Town Planning International Rules and Legislation. Section aims at presenting the latest updates in the territorial and urban legislative sphere. Accelerating the sustainable urban transition requires functional and structural changes in urban systems through which challenges such as the climate crisis are addressed. Researchers, professionals, policy makers in their various roles are trying to provide concrete proposals and actions to the challenge of climate change in cities from a sustainability perspective. The European Commission has also played a crucial role in providing forms of funding on the issue. In this direction, the paper examines precisely the European regulatory excursus starting from the climate law up to the EU Adaptation Strategy to increase the resilience of cities.


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Author Biography

Federica Gaglione, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

She is an engineer, Ph.D. in Civil Systems Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II. The research topics addressed in recent years refer to accessibility to local services for vulnerable groups of the population and the impacts of climate change in the management of urban and territorial transformations. From August to December 2019, she served as a Visiting Researcher at the University of Aberdeen (UK) undertaking a significant amount of research regarding pedestrian accessibility for older persons.


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