Evaluation of sustainability of university campuses

The evaluation of Bursa Uludag University Görükle Campus according to UI Green Metric Word University Ranking

Keywords: Sustainability, Green campus, UI Green Metric University Ranking


In this study, a total of six categories belonging to the International Green Metric (UI Green Metric) index by applying observational and physical analyzes to Bursa Uludağ University (BUU) Görükle Campus; structure and infrastructure (15%), energy and climate change (21%), waste (18%), water (10%), transportation (18%) and education (18%) and 51 evaluation criteria that define these categories. As a result of the evaluation, the university's estimated UI Green Metric score for 2021 was calculated. As a result of the calculations, the estimated total success of BUU Görükle Campus was determined as 5775. The highest success rate was obtained from the Education and Research (ED) (97.22%) category, while the lowest success rate was obtained from the Energy and Climate Change (EC) (39.29%) category.


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Author Biographies

Gamze Altun, Bursa Uludag University, Turkey

Gamze Altun is a PhD student at Bursa Uludag University, Department of Landscape Architecture, and also works as a research assistant in the same department. The researcher's study subjects; sustainable campuses, smart campuses and landscape plants, and climate change. 

Murat Zencirkıran, Bursa Uludag University, Turkey

Murat Zencirkıran is a professor in the Landscape Architecture department of Bursa Uludag University. He is also the head of the department. The researcher's study subjects; climate change, xeric landscape, landscape plants and endemic plants. 


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