The Evaluation in Town and Regional Planning. Introductive report

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Almerico Realfonzo


The scientific purposes of the two past meetings (in Bari in 1987 and in Capri in 1988) and of the present Conference, consisted in the need of evaluating the state of the art of «evaluation» in regional planning processes, in theoretical and operational aspects, under two different points of view: 1. the correct «structural» timing of «evaluation» in urban and regional planning processes; 2. the detection, by means of «case study analysis» or «live» application, of the concrete applicability of evaluation techniques to planning cases.

Three crucial topics for discussion were introduced 1. The “role of evaluation” (also as introduction for the Charter Of Capri, a “Proposals for an international discussion on Plans Evaluation” that was drawn up by the Scientific Committee of the Conference, on the basis of the results of the work produced, for the attention of the public authorities of the different States and the international scientific community); 2. what notions do planners have on

«evaluation»?; 3. «evaluators» have a very clear idea of the concept of town-plan and namely: an extremely complex tool for a complex physical, anthropological, cultural, social and economic system; are they equally aware in understanding the plan as «architecture of the city»?.

The «evaluation» represents a fundamental methodological innovation in town-planning, in planning in general and in the public management of resources. The plan, in the future, should thus be characterized - at all levels - by an accurate identification of the effects it will produce on the environment.


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