UPLanD - Journal of Urban Planning, Landscape & environmental Design

UPLanD promotes an interdisciplinary approach to urban planning, landscape and environmental design as an effective form of the governance - sustainable and eco-efficient - of processes for the protection, enhancement and development of urban contexts. In publishing research and experimentation results and innovative solutions, expressing positions toward current issues, and suggesting new avenues of research and product and process innovation, the journal aims to:
  • disseminate meaningful, responsible, accurate and independent contributions in the field of urban planning, landscape and environmental design, which are supported by research and original experiments carried out both in scientific environments and practice;
  • provide an international comparison tool for research work being done on the subject of the sustainable governance of the built environment, in view of the advancement of knowledge, methods and tools in comparison with the global scientific community;
  • promote the dissemination of research and experimentation, whose results and effects are of interest due to their social, economic, environmental, cultural and ecological impact;
  • promote the recognition of scientific contributions according to the criteria for the evaluation of research in the academic field, as defined internationally;
  • offer young researchers a user friendly environment for the promotion and dissemination of products in the international scientific community and for the relevant measurement of their impact;
  • promote the sustainable governance of the territory as a central and essential strategy for the growth of the collective well-being;
  • promote encounters / comparisons among scientific researchers, the profession, producers and decision makers.




                            CALL FOR PAPERS Vol.3 (2018)

(English , Italian)


(English , Italian)


UPLanD 3/2018 - BLACK
(English , Italian)



CeNSU International Annual Symposium











UPLanD is not asking publication fees to authors but, in order to keep an international high-quality standard, all proposed papers are going through a rigorous peer review process.

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