Community Engagement in an Urban Daylighting Project: A Case Study of a Salt Lake City Creek

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Ivis García


During the industrialization era in the U.S., most waterways in urban areas were buried underground. Daylighting, the process of resurfacing and restoring buried aquatic systems, has grown as a planning practice. This practice can bring to communities environmental, economic, and social benefits—making cities more sustainable and livable. City Creek in Salt Lake City will be used as a case study of a future daylighting project in Euclid, a minority and low income neighborhood. In particular, this paper will highlight planning and locally-driven efforts to raise awareness among residents on the importance of conserving and restoring stream ecosystems. The article will discuss what community members involved in a visioning process would like to see in the development of a much-needed recreational trail and why it matters that City Creek becomes a vital community asset. Ultimately, this paper seeks to empower communities to plan and implement daylighting projects at the local level.


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GarcíaI. (2017). Community Engagement in an Urban Daylighting Project: A Case Study of a Salt Lake City Creek. UPLanD - Journal of Urban Planning, Landscape & Environmental Design, 2(3), 53-63.


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