This issue of Anglistica AION explores what environmental questions look like when they enter the legal sphere. The focus is not strictly legal, but rather centred on the processes of the environment getting into the legal sphere via conflicts over environmental questions in an epoch of public awareness and engagement. In its broadest meaning, conflict refers to situations where two or more parties seek to undermine each other because they have incompatible views, competing interests, or fundamentally different values.
The issue consists of eleven articles which interrogate a number of poignant contemporary issues related to environmental legal disputes around the world and their representation in old and new media. Law is the communicative and discoursal venue more than the topic of the works collected here. Instead, conflict and its representation in media discourse are central concepts. The articles offer stimulating interdisciplinary discursive perspectives on specific case studies related to the dissemination and popularization in different countries of media responses to the disputes connected to mega industrial projects and environmental risk (coal mining, pipelines, fog), water pollution and plastic waste, climate change denial, environmental legislation and environmental policy.

Published: 2021-11-20

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