Dove si nasconde la natura in un'«era sintetica»

  • Leonardo Samonà Università degli Studi di Palermo


The essay starts from what Hegel defined as the enigma of nature, i.e. the internal contrast in the constitutive reference of the human being to it. The purpose is to underline that this  “anthropocentric” definition still intercepts the issue of safeguarding the biosphere from the intrusiveness of human intervention, which has become central. Starting from the analysis of the relationship between nature and technology in Aristotle, this contrast is developed as an antithesis between the human desire to save the fragility of nature and the desire to escape from it. It is pointed out how even this escape into a completely technicized reality, is generated by the desire to save the nature. Today, the tragic human involvement in the fragility of nature, in an advanced technological world, help us to rediscover the deepest meaning of “salvation”: taking care of the habitability of the world for human beings, and therefore guarding its fragility, without trying to eliminate it.

Keywords: Anthropocentrism, Aristotle, Nature, Salvation, Technology


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SamonàL. (2023). Dove si nasconde la natura in un’«era sintetica». Bollettino Filosofico, 38, 107-118.