La cripta del paleontologo. Anasemie transfenomenologiche

  • Silvano Facioni Università della Calabria


In Jacques Derrida’s long confrontation with psychoanalysis, besides the names of Freud and Lacan, a special place must be reserved for Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok.  With these two psychoanalyst friends, scholars of Sandor Ferenczi and representatives of the Hungarian psychoanalytic school, Derrida had a long exchange and produced some important texts that can revive the debate between deconstruction and psychoanalysis today. This contribution aims to take a first look at this comparison, identifying the theoretical coordinates of a path that is still little explored in the studies dedicated to Derrida.

Keywords: Anasemia, Crypt, Death, Symbol, Transphenomenology


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FacioniS. (2021). La cripta del paleontologo. Anasemie transfenomenologiche. Bollettino Filosofico, 36, 34-46.