City vs mobility

  • Giuseppe Mazzeo CNR - Dipartimento di Pianificazione e Scienza del Territorio
  • Rosa Anna La Rocca Laboratorio TeMA


mazzeo_p.jpg The urban planning and the mobility planning are two sectors that have acted as logics before separated and opposite. In a more recent time the two sectors have researched new approaches on the base of an interaction and with the aim to correct the main dysfunctions in the space. But this interaction is not enough and it is necessary to create new interaction kinds based on the assumption that the communication networks do not create the demand, but the demand analysis is a derivative of an authentic knowledge of the territory and of its problems. The Observatories section want to signal and to analyze the national and international tendencies in the interdisciplinary border line represented by the interaction between territorial planning and mobility. Aims of the section are: to inform on the current problematic, on the tendencies and on the evolutive processes; to investigate on the advanced relationships between the two research fields; to explore the interaction fields, the experiences and the possible applications; to highlight the interactions, the disciplinary novelties but, also, the defeats. In the review the task of the section is to stimulate at most the ideas movement and the definition of new point of sights. In it will be present some recoursing references, believed the most profitable for this evolutionary way: they are the research, the planning acts, the actions and the applications. For to be head of the section, the Observatories section will be subdivided in under-sections: the web sites (Cristina Calenda), the publications (Fiorella De Ciutis), the laws and normative (Cristina Calenda), the urban practices (Loredana Travascio), the news and happenings (Milli Trifiletti) and a special view on Napoli 2001 (Daniela Cerrone).


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MazzeoG., & La RoccaR. (2008). City vs mobility. TeMA - Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment, 1.
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