Minori soli nella migrazione. Esperienze di mobilità e di radicamento tra i confini

  • Anna Elia University of Calabria, Italy
Keywords: borders, unaccompained minors, migrations, citizenships, asylum


The issue of the “unaccompained minors” is a structural component in the European scenario of the contemporary migrations. Still, the double representation of minor/immigrant it prevents, from one side, to read the complexity of this phenomenon and, from the other side, it tends to deprive these young people of every possibility to platy a role of social actors. The article, reporting the results of an empirical investigation carried out in Calabria, would stress the attention on the necessity to overturn this approach, starting from the observation of the interaction between the unaccompained minors who are alone and the “adults world” made of social workers, legal tutors, caregivers, educators, in their residential communities.


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Author Biography

Anna Elia, University of Calabria, Italy

She is Assistant Professor in Sociology of the Environment and Territory at the Department of Political and Social Sciences (DISPeS) of the University of Calabria. She is the author of several contributions to issues on rural development and migration processes in Southern Italy. Recently she has pu- blished: (with Jovelin E.), Rifugiati e welfare nei piccoli Comuni del Mezzogiorno, in Politiche Sociali, il Mulino, n. 2/2017.

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EliaA. (2020). Minori soli nella migrazione. Esperienze di mobilità e di radicamento tra i confini. Fuori Luogo. Rivista Di Sociologia Del Territorio, Turismo, Tecnologia, 2(2), 31 - 38. https://doi.org/10.6092/2723-9608/6893