La virtualità digitale tra immanenze cronologiche e diversioni territoriali

Keywords: Virtual reality, technological change, cyberspace, cyborg, narrative


Object of reflection will be the present centrality of the concept of virtuality. It indicates what is potentially destined for probable realization and represents the transformations of experience. It will attempt to observe how this concept is today mainly referred to aprocess of digital change which touches all elements of the technological anthropic system. This system is constantly intent on rewriting itself and it is converted by electronic language into patterns of informations capable of redesigning space and time. Starting from a problematic core of tensions and finalities, digital virtuality interweaves material structures and simbolic-linguistic fields according to absolutely metaterritorial dynamics. It shapes the individual and collective life through the redefinition of sensoriality and of cognition, and also the reconstruction of a communicative environments which disseminates redelined subjectivities. The results are a reworking the concept of proximity, new images of sociality and new formes of narrative, which mean new descriptions and interpretations of the infosfera.


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Author Biography

Linda De Feo, University of Naples, Italy

Researcher in Sociology of cultural and communication processes at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II. Author of numerous essays, has published the following books: Philip K. Dick. From the body to the cosmos (Cronopio, 2001), From cybernetic bodies to virtual spaces. For a philosophical historiography of the digital (Rubbettino, 2009), For a hermeneutics of cyberspace. Historical-philosophical features (east of the equator, 2013),the green ray: a metaphor of the border. Erratic reflections and sociological interpretations (Mimesis, 2017). 

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De FeoL. (2020). La virtualità digitale tra immanenze cronologiche e diversioni territoriali. Fuori Luogo. Rivista Di Sociologia Del Territorio, Turismo, Tecnologia, 4(2), 25 - 40.