Guest Editor

The "Fuori Luogo" guest-editing includes the following tasks and procedures:

  • Elaborate the Call for paper (Cfp) with the Director, the Editorial Committee and the Chief Editor;
  • The Cfp must request complete articles and include the deadlines for delivery, the estimated period of publication (the Journal has two annual issues in June and December) and all the details that are deemed useful to raise the quality of the requested contributions, producing a list of possible themes;
  • Emphasize compliance with editorial standards starting from the submission of the proposal and until the completion of the article after the peer review process;
  • Contribute to the spread of Cfp;
  • Manage correspondence with contributors, always including Editor-in-Chief and Director in the correspondence;
  • Keep the editorial board updated through dropbox or other platforms in which the procedures and files of contributors and reviewers will be shared;
  • Identify reviewers (we have a list that you can draw on, but we encourage you to contact new ones); specialists monographic theme in question and submit each article to at least two among the chosen ones (for this process, you will have to use the drafting group);
  • To intervene, together with the Director and the Editorial Committee, on the selection of articles to be published or rejected, even and above all in the most controversial cases;
  • To agree with the editorial committee on the final selection of the articles for the monographic issue;
  • Keep the review process strictly anonymous;
  • Examine the feedback from peer-reviewers and request any review by contributors. If necessary - and only after the opinion of the Journal Editor - request a second round of peer-review;
  • Write an editorial (multiple hands) on the monographic issue;