In October 2016 the process of international consultation on the New Urban Agenda HABITAT III for the next 20 years, organized by the United Nations (UN-Habitat), will conclude at Quito (Ecuador). An explicit reference to the above process is in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, paragraph 34, in terms of achieving the sustainable development as essential strategy for improving the quality of life of people. The following annexed document is The City We Need (CWN), the UN-Habitat WUC Manifesto, already discussed within several Urban Thinkers Campuses, in various cities all over the world, which finally will take a definitive shape by next April, in order to be presented at Quito (in the light of necessary modifications/integrations). Which observations may be proposed to this text?

This number of BDC journal, Towards the implementation of the Science of the City, collects some research contributions and some selected papers presented at the 3rd edition of the International Conference Inhabiting the Future. Living together, held in Naples, from 1 to 2 October 2015, oriented to the above perspective.

Pubblicato: 2015-12-31

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