Sul nesso misericordia/ricordo. Ancora sulla pietas del pensiero

  • Pio Colonnello Università degli Studi della Calabria
Parole chiave: Fenomenologia della memoria e della pietà, ragione ermeneutica, pietas, memoria, pietà.


As is well known, the pietas of thinking as a proprium of hermeneutical reason cannot be found inside the strength of the logos that overcomes the negative and the split dissolving differences into identities. Rather, it is a reconciliation – or justification – not relying on "binding" structures of reason; it is at the same time justification and forgiveness, rehabilitation and rejoicing, meditation and hope, invocation and appeal. Starting from this horizon, the aim of the essay is to retrace the core of the relation between two keywords of our intellectual tradition in the realm of the pietas of thinking. Mercy and memory: the meaning of their bond – perhaps nowadays overshadowed – is evident at the roots of our culture, especially in our common tradition with the early Jewish Christian culture.


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ColonnelloP. (2016). Sul nesso misericordia/ricordo. Ancora sulla pietas del pensiero. Bollettino Filosofico, 31, 55-69.